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Ray White and Scott White are your hosts for “Poets and Troubadours,” a two-hour journey through some of the greatest songs, singers, and songwriters in the history of music…or the world! The goal of the show is to have fun and bring back those songs you haven’t heard in years!

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Scott White is a 30 year veteran of radio and voice over.  He’s been based in Atlanta, Georgia, spending more than a dozen years with V-103 and WPLO-AM.  He’s also had extensive experience in public relations, marketing, and advertising.  If you’d like to hear what his voice sounds like when he reads a spot or narrates a video, feel free to visit  You can also hear some of his character voices.


Ray White, the older brother, has over 30 years of experience as a public speaker and several years in radio as well.  He, too, is based in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  And, yes, mom did like him best.


Ray-Scott Young Not only were they snazzy dressers, but their dad drove a cool '55 Chevy!

They grew up in the 50s and 60s, smack in the middle of those heady days, and spent long hours listening to the music that drove the generation. Ray and Scott bring a love of that music to Poets and Troubadours. Both brothers have excellent research and writing skills, and a keen sense of humor.  Neither enjoys long walks on the beach at any time. 



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