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Show 058S Comedy 2

“Andy and Cleopatra,” Andy Griffith, The Wit and Wisdom of Andy Griffith, EMI Capitol
“Happy Boy,” The Beat Farmers, Dr. Demento’s 25th Anniversary Collection, Rhino
“Airplane; Bible Salesman; Millionaires Will,” Gene Tracy, World’s Greatest Comedians, King Records
“Baseball-Football,” George Carlin, The Little David Years, 1971-1977,
“A Friend with a Dog,” Bob Newhart, Something Like This, The Bob Newhart Anthology, Rhino
“Everyday,” James Taylor, James Taylor: Greatest Hits, Volume 2, Columbia
“Broken Back,” George Burns and Gracie Allen, Comedy Classics, K-Tel
“My Brother, Russell,” Bill Cosby, Bill Cosby at His Best, MCA
“Gitarzan, Ray Stevens, Dr. Demento’s 20th Anniversary Collection, Rhino
“Christopher Columbus,” Flip Wilson, Comedy Classics, K-Tel
“Greenwich Village Days,” Garrison Keillor, Comedy Theater,
“Jenny Brown,” The Smothers Brothers, Sibling Revelry, The Best of the Smothers Brothers, Rhino
“All I Have to Do Is Dream,” The Everly Brothers,Oldies But Goodies, Vol 12, Original Sound
“The Scotsman,” Bryan Bowers, Dr. Demento’s 20th Anniversary Collection, Rhino
“That’s Show Biz,” Rodney Dangerfield, Comedy Classics, K-Tel“Steve on the Street (Sidewalk Interviews)” Steve Allen, Steve on the Air, Varese Vintage
“The Astronaut,” Bill Dana, Don Hinkley, The American Comedy Box Set, Rhino

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