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Show 031S - Comedy Tonight I

“The Invention of Basketball,” Bill Cosby, Classic Comedy, MCA
“Do-Wacka-Do,” Roger Miller, Roger Miller Super Hits, Epic
“Rewriting the National Anthem,” Albert Brooks, The American Comedy Box, Rhino
“Down South,” Woody Allen, Woody Allen Stand Up Comic, Casablanca
“The Argument Clinic,” Monty Python, 25 Years of Recorded Comedy, Warner Brothers
“My Experience in the Navy and the Induction Center,” Foster Brooks, Comedy Classis, K-Tel
“The Ugly Baby,” Flip Wilson, The American Comedy Box, Rhino
“Who’s on First,” Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, The American Comedy Box, Rhino
“The Punch Drunk Fighter,” Allen and Rossi, 25 Years of Recorded Comedy, Warner Brothers
“Grandmother’s Song,” Steve Martin, Let’s Get Small, Warner
“Romeo and Juliet,” Andy Griffith, The Wit and Wisdom of Andy Griffith, EMI/Capitol
“Get a Horse;” “Lost,” Rodney Dangerfield, The American Comedy Box, Rhino
“Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh!” Allan Sherman, Dr. Demento's 20th Anniversary Collection, Rhino
“The Skin Diver,” Jose Jeminez, Jose Jimenez in Orbit, Bill Dana on Earth, Kapp
“Saturday Night, Sunday Morning,” Vaughn Meader, The First Family, Cadence
“Broken Back,” Burns and Allen, Comedy Classics, K-Tel
“Because I’m a Blond,” Julie Brown, Dr. Demento's 25th Anniversary Collection, Rhino
“Fabiola,” Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks, 2000 Years with Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks, Rhino
“Crabs Walk Sideways,” The Smothers Brothers, Sibling Rivelry, The Best of the Smothers Brothers, Rhino

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