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We’ve played a lot of songs over the years, too numerous to noomber! To help us keep up, and to help you remember what you heard, we have playlists for each show. At the bottom of each playlist we have a link for you to do a little shopping on Amazon, in case you like what you see and want the whole album!

Artist Salutes Subjects

Billy Joel - Show 081S
Bob Dylan - Show 007S
Bob Dylan - Show 126S
Bob Dylan by Others - Show 075S
Buffy Ste. Marie - Show 038S
Carly Simon - Show -034S
Carole King - Show 009S
Carole King by Others - Show 069S
Cat Stevens - Show 096S
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Show 024S
Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young - Show 049S
Dan Fogelberg - Show 012S
Don McLean - Show 047S
Donovan - Show 121S
Eagles - Show 124S
Emmylou Harris - Show 073S
Gordon Lightfoot - Show 001S
Gordon Lightfoot 2 - Show 100S
Harry Chapin - Show 028S
Ian and Sylvia - Show 030S
Jackson Browne - Show 104S
James Taylor - Show 014S
Jimmy Webb - Show 063S
Joan Baez - Show -018S
John Denver - Show 020S
Joni Mitchell - Show 022S
Judy Collins - Show 003S
Judy Collins 2 - Show 109S
Johnny Cash - Show 079S
Laura Nyro - Show 166S
Linda Ronstadt - Show 061S
Kate Wolf - Show 162S
Mary Chapin Carpenter - Show 053S
Melanie - Show 161S
Nanci Griffith - Show 084S
Neil Diamond - Show 026S
Nilsson - Show 107S
Paul Simon - Show 094S
Paul Williams - Show 125S
Peter, Paul, and Mary - Show 059S
Peter, Paul, and Mary 2- Show 164S
Pete Seeger - Show 094S
Randy Newman - Show 118S
Richard and Mimi Farina - Show 130S
Rod McKuen - Show 179S
Simon and Garfunkel - Show 016S
The Association - Show 184S
The Band - Show 056S

The Beatles - Show 067S
The Beatles B Sides - Show 188S
The Beatles by Others - Show 092S
The Beatles Solo - Show 098S
The Bee Gees - Show 189S
The Byrds - Show 044S
The Byrds 2 - Show 133S
The Fifth Dimension- Show 169S
The Grassroots - Show 141S
The Guess Who- Show 150S
The Hollies - Show 174S
The Lovin' Spoonful - Show 119S
The Kingston Trio - Show 005S
The Mamas and the Papas - Show 051S
The Smothers Brothers - Show 089S
The Turtles - Show 077S
The Young Rascals - Show 145S
Three Dog Night - Show 172S
Tom Paxton - Show 090S
Van Morrison - Show 176S
Willie Nelson - Show 102S
Woody Guthrie - Show 032S

1-2-3 - Show 127S
A Word From Our Sponsor- Show 153S
Ain't - Show 171S
Almost Supergroups - Show 086S
And - Show 167S
Animal Songs - Show 033S
Around the World - Show 085S
Automobile Songs - Show 105S
Blue - Show 114S
Bodies of Water - Show 076S
Bubble Gum - Show 062S
City Songs - Show 017S
Classical Classics - Show 143S
Colors - Show 065S
Comedy 1 - Show 031S
Comedy 2 - Show 058S
Comedy 3 - Show 080S
Comedy 4 - Show 154S
Cool Covers 1 - Show 120S
Cool Covers 2 - Show 139S
Crime and Punishment - Show 170S
Dance With Me- Show 156S
Days of the Week - Show 064S
Dead Poets and Troubadours Society - Show 065S
Dreams - Show 140S
Expect the Unexpected - Show 099S
Far Out Songs - Show 091S
Females Who Don't Get Heard - Show 046S
Flowers - Show 163S
Flower Power - Show 182S
For the Birds - Show 123S
For the Kid in All of Us - Show 054S
Forbidden Fruit - Show 052S
Genreless - Show 097S
Going to the Movies - Show 004S
Good Time Songs - Show 011S
Goodbye - Show 158S
Great Advice - Show 106S
Green - Show 149S
Green and Red - Show 185S

Hello - Show 157S
Helping Hands - Show 055S
Here Comes My Baby - Show 135S
Hootenanny - Show 019S
Hot Time - Show 129S
If - Show 091S
I Haven't Heard That in a While - Show 181S
I'll Always Be Around - Show 168S
In Country - Show 113S
I've Got it Bad - Show 068S
Instrumentals - Show 060S
Ladies in Question - Show 101S
Ladies Night - Show 142S
Leaving - Show 144S
Long Distance Love - Show 087S
Longer Songs - Show 183S
Magic - Show 136S
Mary Songs - Show 025S
Men - Show 029S
Money - Show 074S
Moon Songs - Show 035S
Motown - Show 040S
Oh! Canada - Show 042S
Old Time Rock n' Roll - Show 088S
On the Job - Show 023S
On the Street Where You Live - Show 070S
Our Favorites - Show 050S
Out in the Country- Show 180S
Out of This World - Show 021S
Passages - Show 178S
Pause and Reflect - Show 117S
Poets and Troubadours Gets Religion - Show 037S
Prejudice and Bigotry - Show 006S
Pretentious Songs - Show 013S
Psychedelia - Show 137S
Quintessential Folk/Rock - Show 111S
Rain - Show 115S
Real Folk - Show 148S
Real Folk - Show 173S
Really Depressing Songs - Show 010S
Riding the Rails - Show 175S
Rivers - Show 134S
Seasons - Show 078S
Sailing and Ships - Show 165S
Snap, Crackle, and Pop - Show 187S
Soft Rock - Show 122S
Songs About Songs- Show 151S
Songs of Conflict - Show 108S
Songs of the Brokenhearted - Show 112S
Songs Without the Title in the Lyrics - Show 177S
South of the Border - Show 147S
State Songs - Show 015S
Summertime - Show 131S
Sweet Dreams - Show 110S
Texas Troubadours - Show 057S
That Was Easy- Show 152S
The 50's - Show 083S
The 9 O'Clock News - Show 101S
The British Folk Invasion - Show 043S
The Ed Sullivan Show - Show 095S
The Eyes Have It - Show 116S
The Originals - Show 155S
The Same But Different - Show 160S
This is Not Going to End Well - Show 138S
Time - Show 048S
Tired of Being Told What to Do - Show 002S
Tom, Dick, and Harry - Show 036S
Transportation Songs - Show 039S
True Stories, Almost - Show 008S
TV Themes - Show 080S
Walking - Show 128S
Westward Ho! - Show 072S
What is Love? - Show 041S
What the World Needs Now - Show 132S
Women - Show 027S
Yesterday, Today, Tonight, and Tomorrow - Show 045S
You Can Go Home Again - Show 146S
You Sweet Thing, You - Show 159S

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